Money Undercover Search In Illinois

If you are a resident of Illinois, then there may be a chance you’ve got unclaimed money waiting right now. Unclaimed bank accounts, lost inheritances, unclaimed tax refund checks, missing credit card refunds, unclaimed savings bonds, unclaimed pension benefits, unclaimed life insurance policies, undistributed stock dividends, forgotten safe deposit boxes, even valuable stock certificates; these are just a few sources of unclaimed funds in Illinois. Some of this unclaimed loot has been in government hands for decades; but with no one to claim it, the unclaimed money simply sits there.

Finding unclaimed money isn’t always as easy as you think. Remember, unclaimed cash is lost for a very good reason—they can’t find the owner! Often times this is because the records are wrong; they’ve got a wrong address, a misspelled name or simply the name of a long-lost relative. And while most States provide free access to their databases, a thorough search for unclaimed assets is a long and tedious process. Unclaimed money can be sitting in any of the 50 States or with dozens of other federal and private agencies. This unclaimed money could be held under your name, a misspelling of your name or under the name of a spouse or long-lost relative. The great news is that our team of professional lost asset investigators performs these searches for Illinois residents all day long, 365 days a year. They know where to look and how to find all the unclaimed property that might be out there waiting for you. They do all the work; looking through Illinois State records, along with every State, federal and private database that might have an unclaimed account. They help construct a family tree listing all of the relatives that might have left something behind. They search under your names, the names of your family members and any likely misspellings of those names. Once they’ve located funds or property, they’ll complete all the necessary government paperwork for the State of Illinois, along with the completed claim forms for all other applicable government agencies, and forward it to you for signature.

Starting your professional unclaimed money search is easy and your initial search is free. Simply click on the button below and then give us a call. Our experienced asset investigators will perform a professional search right on the spot and let you know the results. Don’t let the State of Illinois or any other government agency keep your unclaimed cash for another day. Claim your unclaimed funds right now!